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Race and ethnicity are two of the strongest yet least understood and underexplored correlates of offending. This essay highlights the need for theoretical and empirical research on longitudinal patterns of offending across race and ethnicity so as to expand the traditional focus of developmental and life course criminology. It also uses data from a sample of serious youthful offenders transitioning from mid-adolescence into early adulthood to examine differential patterns of offending across race and ethnic groups. An ambitious agenda for future research concludes the essay.

Where did DLC come from? That is actually a relatively easy answer, as Quetelet documented back in the mid-1800s that age is a very strong propensity for crime. Not surprisingly, age as a correlate of crime has been a mainstay, albeit a very controversial one, in the discipline of criminology [, , , ]. Without question, age is a key cog in DLC. But there are several others, such as gender, that have been a focus among DLC scholars [, ]. This essay tackles one issue that I strongly believe has been most underrepresented in the study of DLC, perhaps not because of lack of interest, but instead likely because of the lack of data sources as well as a general unease to engage in very difficult discussions concerning it: the study of race/ethnicity in DLC. It is also an essential issue that deserves theoretical and empirical attention.

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