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In 1961, a book was published in Germany entitled (The Forced War) by the American historical writer and , which argued that Germany did not commit aggression against Poland in 1939, but was instead the victim of an Anglo-Polish conspiracy against the . Reviewers have often noted that Hoggan seems to have an obsessive hostility towards the Poles. His claims included that the Polish government treated Poland's German minority far worse than the German government under Adolf Hitler treated its Jewish minority. In 1964, much controversy was created when two German right-wing extremist groups awarded Hoggan prizes. In the 1980s, the German philosopher and historian claimed that in 1939 Poland was engaged in a campaign of genocide against its ethnic German minority, and has strongly implied that the German invasion in 1939, and all of the subsequent German atrocities in Poland during World War II were in essence justified acts of retaliation. Critics, such as the British historian , have accused Nolte of distorting the facts, and have argued that in no way was Poland committing genocide against its German minority.

In Britain after 1945, the British people initially accepted those Polish servicemen who chose not to return to a Poland ruled by the Communists. The Poles resident in Britain served under British command during the Battle of Britain, but as soon as the Soviets began to make gains on the Eastern Front both public opinion and the Government of the UK turned pro-Soviet and against the Poles. Supporters of the socialists made the Poles out to be "warmongers", "anti-Semites" and "fascists". After the war, the trade unions and Labour party played on the fears of there not being enough jobs, food and housing. There were even anti-Polish rallies.

The expressions offensive to Poles are attributed to a number of non-Polish media in relation to . The most prominent is a continued reference by Western news media to "Polish death camps" and "Polish concentration camps". These phrases refer to the network of operated by Nazi Germany in occupied Poland in order to facilitate the "", but the wording suggests that the Polish people might have been involved.

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has been noted for a number of other controversies. On 14 October 2009, Nazi-hunter alleged that: "the second world war narrative [...] has been distorted since independence and the transition to democracy to make it more palatable to their electorate and to minimize the role of local collaborators in Holocaust crimes." On 20 October 2009, s said: "We are meant to be friendly towards the newest members of the European Union. But the truth is that several of these "emerging democracies" have reverted to a brand of ultra-nationalistic politics that would repel most voters in western Europe. It exists in Poland". In response to the above attacks wrote in the same paper on 23 December: "In my experience, the automatic equation of Poland with Catholicism, nationalism and antisemitism – and thence a slide to guilt by association with the Holocaust – is still widespread. This collective stereotyping does no justice to the historical record."

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Although 's works were officially banned in Poland, of them influenced the opinions of the Polish intellectual opposition. His 1971 essay , which suggested that self-organized social groups could gradually expand the spheres of civil society in a totalitarian state, helped inspire the dissident movements of the 1970s that led to the creation of Solidarity and provided a philosophical underpinning for the movement.

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Also in 2008 the Polish ambassador sent an official protest to the about . On 26 July 2008, published a comment piece with the '' used to describe Polish immigrants. He accused Poland of complicity in the six million Jewish deaths of , prompting not only an official letter of complaint to , but also an in the , followed by an editorial in The ambassador, Tuge-Erecinska, explained that the article was "unsupported by any basic historic or geographic knowledge," and that "the issue of Polish-Jewish relations has been unfairly and deeply falsified" by Coren's "aggressive remarks" and "contempt". Coren reacted by telling : "". The case has been referred to the . However, the case was unsuccessful as Poles are not classified as an ethnic minority. The editor of , , commented on 6 August 2009: "There are few things more despicable than anti-Semitism, but here's one of them: using a false charge of anti-Semitism for political gain."

The cardinal goes on to describe “the Church as a troop of boy scouts trained in an additional politeness useful to the authorities.”

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