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I grew up with this fear: that the material that was near to me would be no good. I would have to live a life that would somehow bring me nearer to the topics “real” literature was about: war, violence, politics, travel and adventure. To this end, I moved to New York, traveled to India, and dated men who could tell me about the worlds I did not have access to, men who had been to prison, men who had been homeless, men who had been in mental institutions. I was troubled by my female protagonists who seemed to have so many emotions. They would have to go; they would have to change. I would have to change. In short, I was certain that what I really needed to do was write for men. I’m not sure anyone has written more combustibly about this recently than Claire Vaye Watkins in her essay She writes of her short story collection Battleborn:

The poem is a monologue that conveys the idea of encouragement and hope. The poem is based on the theme of advice given by a mother to her son. Her life is full of challenges. She tells her son that she faced these challenges and hardships, but she never gave up and continued her journey with patience and resilience. Mothers can encourage their sons with quotes from the poem, such as:

Dee, I think you might be adding layers of malice to her husband’s behavior. In the metropolitan area where I live, sadly, it is quite common for a working person to leave home at 5am for a 2 hour commute, work a full day in early career (as her husband is), and commute home 2 hours. I think Rufi’s questions about the possibility that it’s subversive to believe that the selflessness required to be a good mother (by which I don’t think she means picking up underwear) and the selfishness required to be a good, or even productive, artist can coexist.

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marvelous!!! the way you have presented your feelings towards your mother before us is actually magnificent. your mother must be a lucky person to have a child like you. !! hats off !! Will always look forward to your essays. forced to say it once again – “keep going”

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marvelous!!! the way you have presented your feelings towards your mother before us is actually magnificent. your mother must be a lucky person to have a child like you. !! hats off !! Will always look forward to your essays. forced to say it once again – “keep going”

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sanju its really really amazing superb yr aaala .. emotins ,feelings , writing style, and wording used all are just waoooo hv no words to praise …. keep doing good work like this .actually it predict ur love to ur parnts and its great to knw everyone of us should hv the same spirit good lesson 🙂 Allah bless u

We must never let her down. We must always try our utmost to be the reason for her smile, not the reason for her sorrows and sadness. Muhammad P.B.U.H has ordered us to be good to our mothers. He has told us about the great rewards for that person who is good to his mother and punishments for those who are disobedient to their mothers. We must look after our parents even more when they are weak and old. We must be gentle to our parents and speak to them in a nice and polite manner.

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The poet's "mother," who speaks in the voice of theAfrican- American teaches him he need not abandon that traditionin order to write poetry. All poetry, she says, need not be about"crystal stairs." It can have "tacks" and"splinters" in it, "and places with no carpet onthe floor." It need not conform to white conventions ineither form or subject -- it can be "bare"--yet it neednot ignore those conventions if they can be of use (In fact, theline, "And life for me ain't been no crystal stair" iswritten in iambic pentameter, the most traditional of Englishpoetic meters). The poet discovers, from listening to hismother-muse, a way to bring the African-American experience intopoetry. He finds a way to move forward, to keep climbing. We canread in this poem, then, a kind of metaphor for the young poet'sartistic coming of age. From his "mother" he learns thevalue and power of his vocation. He hears in her song his ownvoice.

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Nothing can come close to the love that a mother feels for her children. Most women are inherently excellent mothers. Women carry their young before they are born and then continue to nurture them throughout their childhood and even into adulthood. Mothers make sure that their children are safe and happy throughout their childhood. It is the unconditional love that a mother feels that drives these feelings. It is hard to describe the feeling that a mother has towards her children. In fact, most people do not understand unless they become a mother themselves. Raising children comes with its own share of frustrations, from the needy new born baby that requires regular care to the sullen teenager, a mother's job is anything but easy. A famous saying states that "God could not be everywhere and so he invented mothers", these words are a great inspiration to mothers across the world. When all is well, a mother puts her children before anything else, including their own comfort and happiness.

Mothers give an awful lot of support to their children, whether it involves very visible support or simple background encouragement. Not only do mothers support their children, but they also often hold the whole family structure together. This role is not always plain sailing. A mother can also be upset or hurt. Remember that a mother often takes the fallout for the toddler tantrums and the teenage angst. Despite this, mothers, generally, will love their children no matter what they do.

Mothers are meant to be the cheerleaders of their kids, sometimes in loud and visible ways, sometimes in sublet or unspoken ways in the background. Mothers are often the backbone of families. Mothers job is not always an easy one. Mothers have to make sacrifices. Mothers can have their hearts broken. Mothers must be the conscience of young children and are often the brunt of their anger and pain as they grow into adulthood. The great thing about mothers is that they usually understand and love their kids anyways.

Every year there is a day set aside to celebrate the role of a mother. Unsurprisingly, the day is called Mother's Day. This day is a great opportunity for children of all ages to show their appreciation for the work of a mother. Gifts and cards, often handmade with care, are given as a sign of love.

Every year there is one special day put aside for mothers. What else could it be called but "Mothers Day."? This is the day that sons and daughters who are grown make the long distance calls or take their moms out for dinner. Mother's Day is a special day when mom gets the flowers she deserves. Mother's Day is a day when children stop and say thank you to mom for all she has done over the years. Young children make mothers homemade cards that bring tears to mother's eyes and make her realize that it is all worth it.

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Of all the persons in the world, my mother loves me most, and I also love her from the core of my heart. To me, she is like a living goddess who takes all kinds of pain and care for my sake. When I am sick, she spends sleepless nights by my sick-bed. When I come first in my class exami­nation, she becomes perhaps the happiest person on earth.