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The paper on the Meiji restoration timeline above is one of the numerous such papers that you will find and read on this blog. If you are seeking help in writing a term paper, a research paper or an essay on your preferred topic, now. You can also for additional information about our . You can as well continue reading more samples and guidelines for writing essays on .

...Historical Development of Nursing Timeline Bianca Fleming NUR/513 October 8, 2013 Georgia Swank According to George (2011), Nursing science is the substantive, abstract knowledge describing nursing’s unique phenomenon of concern, the integral nature of unitary human beings and their environments (Barrett, 1997, p. 12). Nursing science represents a compilation of theories that began with Florence Nightingale. They provide structure for nursing practice and research, and continue to evolve to meet the needs of the nursing profession. Cody (1997) described nursing science as the essence of nursing as a scholarly discipline (p. 12). In this paper, a timeline of the historic development of nursing science will explain the relationship between nursing science and the profession, and influences of other disciplines. The first nursing theory on manipulation of the environment for the benefit of the patient was authored by Florence Nightingale in 1859. Unbeknownst to Nightingale, Notes on Nursing (1859), guided nursing practice and continues to do so today even though she never even meant it to be a theory. Then in the 1950s Columbia University’s Teachers College developed graduate level programs to educate nurses for administrative and faculty positions. According to George (2011), “The first theoretical conceptualizations of nursing science came from graduates of these programs.” The graduates, known as theorists, include Peplau, Henderson, Hall, and Abdellah...

...Theoretical Foundations of Practice Historical Development of Nursing Timeline The purpose of this paper is to explain the historical development of nursing science by presenting different theorists and their theories with explicit events and years in the history of nursing, and inform on the affinity between the profession and nursing science. This paper also includes the importance of nursing science of other disciplines such as psychology, anthropology, education, philosophy, religion and the social science. The history of professional nursing starts with Florence Nightingale, who is considered the mother of nursing science. Nightingale placed emphasis on good nutrition and hygiene, efficiency of this practice had a positive impact when this method reduced the spread of infections and made a huge difference in the survival rate of soldiers in the Crimean war in the mid -1850s. In 1859, she published her famous nursing notes “What is and what is not” Although Nightingale wrote this book with the intention to give clues to those taking care of the health of others; ("Florence Nightingale and the Crimean War," 2008) it turned out to be a great educational and role model method which is clinically used to present. And it is a great example of evidence- based practice. In 1860 in London the school of Nightingale was opened, and the American Red Cross was founded by Clara Barton in 1881 ("Nursing Theory Definition”) Abraham Maslow proposed the...

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The bare and basic narrative essay will take the reader from one point to another. The most common way of doing this is to take people through a timeline; which is a series of events in chronological order. You do not need to work via a timeline, you can bounce between the past, present and future as much as you like.

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You will commonly see narrative essays follow a timeline because it is easier to write and makes it easier for students to understand. However, you may be writing a narrative essay about how a person gained their fear of the dark. You could narrate the story from mildest scary incident to the most frightening experience, which is a series of events that may have occurred when the person was a child and when the person was an adult.

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A writing project requires time for reading and research, as well as time to engage with the material and review and revise initial drafts. Whether writing a 5- or a 15-page essay, you can successfully manage the task by following a workable timeline. Approaching an essay project with a realistic plan of action enables you to present your best work.

Write or type your timeline, listing specific completion dates for each section of each of your three assignments. Using dates in your timeline will keep you accountable and give you specific smaller goals to help you meet your essay deadline.

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A writing project requires time for reading and research, as well as time to engage with the material and review and revise initial drafts. Whether writing a 5- or a 15-page essay, you can successfully manage the task by following a workable timeline. Approaching an essay project with a realistic plan of action enables you to present your best work.

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Step Two: Drafting, Revising, Finalizing
1. First make a rough draft of your project, carefully following the step-by-step directions below to create the final copy of your personal timeline. After you have the draft completed, make any necessary revisions to content or graphics, making sure that your work is correct and complete.
2. On a piece of white construction paper, draw a horizontal line. At the beginning of the line, write in the year of your birth. At the end of the line, write in the present year. Then add in the years in between those two dates. Your social studies textbook has some good examples of how to do this.
3. Draw and label at least five important personal events that have happened in your life. Be sure that each drawing and label is placed by the date on your timeline that matches the date the event actually occurred. Be sure to color your drawings and to use your best printing or cursive when you label the events.
4. Identify, draw, and label at least five important world events that have occurred within your lifetime. Be sure to include social and cultural events as well as political, economic, and military events.
5. Have an adult review your personal timeline with you. He/she can remind you about important dates and events that may be hard for you to remember.

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The points that were made above are all things you do not need to know. They are elements of a narrative essay that do not really matter. It is quite easy to simply in the first person, that is fluent, that follows a timeline and that flows from one point to the next easily. However, if you want to make your essay more of a challenge, then try pushing the envelope by adopting some of the ideas noted above because they may all be legitimately housed within a narrative essay (and you will not lose marks because of them when you are graded).