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He has provided structured Liberalised Indian Economy when India was facing several economic crisis

Despite a long period of popularity in , a significant fall in Rudd's personal ratings in the middle of 2010 was blamed on a proposed and the deferral of the -rejected . With the drawing near, there was growing dissatisfaction with Rudd's leadership within the Labor Party. Eventually, Rudd's deputy, , announced on 23 June 2010 that she would challenge him for the leadership the following day. Knowing he would be defeated if he contested the leadership, on the morning of the ballot Rudd resigned as prime minister. After his resignation, he successfully re-contested his seat at the , after which Labor formed a .

2. The President recommends the names of members of his team to appoint a minister. The President can appoint only those persons the ministers who are recommended by the Prime Minister.

3. Prime Minister determines that which department will be given to which minister and he can also change the allotted department of any Minister.

In memory of Harold Holt, Prime Minister of Australia, who loved the sea and disappeared hereabouts on 17 December 1967.

It is true that when I first went to America, I was not lucky enough to visit the White House. There is an iron fence far from the White House. We stood outside the fence and took a photograph. White House is visible in the background. Now that I have become Prime Minister, that photo too has become popular. But at that time, I had never thought that sometime in my life, I would get a chance to visit the White House. But when I visited the White House, one thing touched my heart. I can never forget that. Barack gave me a book, a book that he had located after considerable effort. That book had become famous in 1894. Swami Vivekananda, the inspiration of my life, had gone to Chicago to participate in the World Religions Conference. And this book was a compilation of the speeches delivered at the World Religions Conference. That touched my heart. And not just this. He turned the pages of the book, and showed me what was written there. He had gone through the entire book! And he told me with pride, I come from the Chicago where Swami Vivekananda had come. These words touched my heart a lot. And I will treasure this throughout my life. So once, standing far from the White House and taking a photo, and then, to visit the White House, and to receive a book on someone whom I respect. You can imagine, how it would have touched my heart.

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Well, we very much look forward to partnering with organizations, and the government and non-governmental organizations here in India, around broader Public Health issues including the issue of obesity. I am very proud of the work that Michelle has done on this issue. We’re seeing a world-wide epidemic of obesity, in many cases starting at a very young age. And a part of it has to do with increase in processed foods, not naturally prepared. Part of it is a lack of activity for too many children. And once they are on this path, it can lead to a life time of health challenges. This is an issue that we would like to work on internationally, including here in India. And it is a part of a broader set of issues around global health that we need to address. The Prime Minister and I have discussed, for example, how we can do a better job in dealing with issues like pandemic. And making sure that we have good alert systems so that if a disease like Ebola, or a deadly flu virus, or Polio appears, it is detected quickly and then treated quickly so that it doesn’t spread. The public health infrastructure around the world needs to be improved. I think the Prime Minister is doing a great job in focusing on these issues here in India. And India has a lot to teach many other countries who may not be advancing as rapidly in improving this public health sector. But it has an impact on everything, because if children are sick they can’t concentrate in school and they fall behind. It has a huge economic impact on the countries involved and so we think that there is a lot of progress to be made here and I am very excited about the possibilities of considering this work even after I leave office.

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Namaste! Thank you Prime Minister Modi for your kind words and for the incredible hospitality you have shown me and my wife Michelle on this visit and let me say to the people of India how honoured I am to be the first American President to join you for Republic Day; and I’m told that this is also the first ever Radio address by an Indian Prime Minister and an American President together, so we’re making a lot of history in a short time. Now to the people of India listening all across this great nation. It’s wonderful to be able to speak you directly. We just come from discussions in which we affirmed that India and the United States are natural partners, because we have so much in common. We are two great democracies, two innovative economies, two diverse societies dedicated to empowering individuals. We are linked together by millions of proud Indian Americans who still have family and carry on traditions from India. And I want to say to the Prime Minister how much I appreciate your strong personal commitment to strengthening the relationship between these two countries.

“I am Murari Bapu speaking and I would like to tell my student friends not to carry any load on their minds during the exams. Decide upon clear thinking, focus your mind wholly and go sit for the exam. And whatever situation appears, accept it. My experience has been that we can remain happy by accepting the circumstances. If you progress ahead in your exams fearlessly and happily, you are sure to gain success. And even if you are not successful, you will not have any remorse. Nor will you be arrogant of your success. I would like to conclude my message with a couplet – ‘It cannot be that one succeeds each time. Learn to also live with failures’. I felicitate this program Mann ki Baat presented by our honorable Prime Minister and my best wishes to all.”

Mr Najib has accused his fiercest critic, former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, of using the scandal as a means of

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As the first prime minister born after World War II and with a significant background in foreign affairs, Kevin Rudd as Prime Minister had more influence on Australian foreign policy than any of his predecessors. He saw Australia as being able to help shape world responses to urgent global challenges through active diplomacy, including the creation of global and regional institutions and building of coalitions, and playing an important role in the "Asia Pacific century".

Born in Stanmore, New South Wales on 5 August 1908 (making him the first prime minister born in the Commonwealth of Australia), …

A memorial service for Holt was held at , on 22 December, and attended by numerous world leaders. Aged 59 at the time of his death, Holt became the third Australian prime minister to die in office, after (1939) and (1945). , the leader of the , was sworn in as caretaker prime minister on 19 December. The Liberal Party held on 9 January 1968, in which defeated , , and . Gorton was a member of the , and in line with transferred to the House of Representatives at caused by Holt's death.

Kevin Michael Rudd (born 21 September 1957) is an Australian former Labor politician who was twice Prime Minister of Australia, from 2007 to 2010 and again in 2013.

In October the government became embroiled in another embarrassing controversy over the alleged misuse of VIP aircraft, which came to a head when (Government Leader in the Senate) tabled documents that showed that Holt had unintentionally misled Parliament in his earlier answers on the matter. Support for his leadership was eroded even further by his refusal to sack the Minister for Air, , in order to defuse the scandal, fuelling criticism from within the party that Holt was "weak" and lacked Menzies' ruthlessness. Much of the blame for the episode within the Public Service was visited upon Sir , Secretary of the Prime Minister's Department, although other figures such as the Deputy Secretary were able to protect themselves. One of John Gorton's first acts upon becoming Prime Minister in January 1968 was to sideline Bunting by creating a separate Department of the Cabinet Office with Bunting as its head, and replaced him with .