The Institute for Reporters#x27; Freedom and Safety (IRFS).

Outcome 2 – Understand the use of risk assessments in relation to health and safety

The work of industrial safety and security officers is regulated not only by internal organizational codes and regulations but also by federal laws. In this regard, it is worth mentioning the Occupational Safety and Health Agency (OSHA) and the Environment Protection Agency (EPA), which focus on the protection of employees from negative effects of hazards and, what is more important, they aim at the prevention of hazards in the workplace environment. EPA and OSHA have the statutory responsibility to ensure the safety and health of the public and America’s workforce through the timely and effective implementation of a number of federal laws and implementing regulations (Memorandum of Understanding, 1991). In such a way, EPA and OSHA focus on the regulation of the organizational performance in terms of the workplace and public safety. This means that organizations should follow norms and standards established in terms of EPA and OSHA to minimize the risk of hazards and incidents that may damage property, facilities or cause harm to the health of employees and other people.

Naturally, in such a situation, industrial safety and security officers need special training to provide effective services and to minimize the risk of injuries of employees and other people as well as damages of property and facilities. In fact, a well-trained security staff can help to ensure the proper evacuation of employees and the public, the quick response of an emergency response team, and the proper handling of bystanders and representatives of the media (Preparing and Protecting Security Personnel in Emergencies, 2007). This is why organizations have to pay a particular attention to the training of industrial safety and security officers.

In fact, industrial safety and security officers play a particularly significant part in the prevention of hazards and other incidents as well as in the elimination of effects and in the hazard management. Industrial safety and security officers are exposed to numerous risks because often they are the first, who confront hazards or incidents that may threaten to employees, environment and the local population. In actuality, security personnel working at companies for the protection of the facilities, materials, and products, as well as those employed by government agencies, are often called upon to provide support during hazardous substance emergencies and the emergency planning in preparation for such incidents is key to successful implementation of emergency response operations (Preparing and Protecting Security Personnel in Emergencies, 2007). In such a way, industrial safety and control officers take an active part in the protection of facilities and population, in case of hazards and other incidents.

5.2 – Explain principles for moving and handling equipment and other objects safely

In the last few years, crime against women in Delhi has increased to a great extent. According to the statistics, it is found that every two out of three women have suffered around two to five times sexual harassment in the last year. According to the survey of women, it is found that women are losing their confidence in police. By the survey of Delhi government’s Women and Child Development Department, around 80% of the women in national capital have fear regarding their safety.

The best car safety device is a rear-view mirror with a cop in it.

Women are harassed not only in the night or evening but also in the day time at their home, working places, or other places like street, club, etc. It is found through the survey that the reason of sexual harassment is the lack of gender-friendly environment and improper functional infrastructure such as consumption of alcohol and drugs in open area, lack of adequate lighting, safe public toilets, sidewalks, lack of effective police service, lack of properly working helpline numbers, etc. A huge percentage of women have no faith that police can curb such harassment cases. There is an urgent need to understand and solve this problem of women safety so that they can also grow equally like men in their own country.

The essence of road safety is to live healthy (thanks to Bhaskar Sen)

Legislative and legal requirements are the most prominent cause of health and safety policies in most organizations. The Occupational and Safety Health Act is the primary law for the assurance of health and safety of all workers throughout the United States. The Occupational and Safety Health Act (OSHA) necessitates the dissemination of standards, rules, and regulations relevant to the safety and health of workers. The government establishes and enforces the standards for the safety and health of all workers and their families through the Act. All public and private organizations have to comply with the rules, regulations, and standards prescribed in OSHA (Jung & Makowsky, 2014). They would face legal complications if they do not comply with such policies and measures taken by the decision makers. However, many organizations develop and implement health and safety procedures to safeguard their interests relevant to organizational objectives rather than legal requirements. The financial and moral aspects of workers’ health and safety have a greater influence as compared to regulatory compliance. Corporations can save considerable costs by avoiding high insurance expenses, lawsuits, and employee replacement costs in the event of injuries and illnesses (Barling & Frone, 2003).

The primary objective of all managers is to enhance and promote productivity and efficiency in all areas and functions. However, the managers cannot uphold efficiency and effectiveness in the absence of a safe workplace. The managers need to create a safe working environment and increase the awareness and knowledge of all employees with respect to safe working practices. The employees and workers also need to understand the importance of workplace safety and reduce personal injury through attentiveness and removal of hazards. These safety hazards are negative for the effectiveness of organizations and create a long-term negative impact. The attitude of the employees, management, and employers plays a vital role in preventing accidents and creating a safe working environment. The negligence on the part of the employers and employees can cause a variety of hazards and accidents (Rahim, Ng, Biggs, & Boots, 2014). However, the diligence and commitment of all stakeholders regarding safe work practices leads to the prevention of major accidents and injuries. The employees and management can create a safe workplace through a shared responsibility model for workplace safety and cooperation. Organizations should own this perspective and they should realize the fact that it is their managerial responsibility to focus on this perspective so that employees can remain safe.

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The best car safety device is a rear-view mirror with a cop in it.

But not all safety slogans cut it. A lot of them are quite bland and well, just not catchy. Given that we're bombarded with around 3,000 messages a day, your safety slogan will become invisible and ineffective pretty quickly.