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Christmas day essay in hindi language. Read this essay specially written for you on Christmas in Hindi language. Christmas Day is a holiday in many.

Descriptive essays are generally pretty fun to do and are often on topics students find interesting and fun. They simply require one to describe something or someone using vivid language that appeals to the reader’s senses. For instance, a descriptive essay on Christmas would use language that reminds people of the sights, sounds, touches, smells, and tastes associated with the holiday. Here are some tips and tricks for writing a great assignment:

The descriptive essay asks the writer to describe something—an object, person, place, experience, emotion, or situation. This essay attempts to convey how that subject looked, felt, tasted, sounded, smelled, and so on, and express the emotion or sensation so clearly and vividly that the reader can feel it, too.

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...Descriptive Essay By Moon 11-10-2012 My Dog Named Beau Lying on my living room floor is a curled up fuzzy-ball dog named Beau. When I was a kid, my mother had a dog and he lived in a cage all his life. I had always wanted a dog as a child, and now I have found a perfect dog. He is adorable, smart, loving and his has an up lifting personality. He will never live in a cage. Beau was born in Venango, NE. He is from the Cairn Breed. His father was Sebastian, who was more handsome than King Charles, and his mom’s name was Amanda. Beau is very handsome. He has soft curly hair and a stocky body shape. He has white, light and French vanilla ice creme colored hair. He has beautiful glass brown marble eyes, a big round black clown nose, and cute little mouse-like triangular ears. He also has a cute round-shaped face. When he was 2 months old, he was so tiny and adorable, the size of a fava bean. I held him in my palm; his fur was silky and smooth, especially when he fell asleep on my lap. I often walked him outside of my apartment, and he had a curious approach to everything, smells, sounds or sights. As a puppy, he loved to play with my flip flop, even though the flip flop was bigger than he. He found a way to lift his face up so he could drag the sandal without tripping over it. When I spoke to him, his little triangle ears flipped upward and his head tilted to the side; he looked at me with a response like he knew what I was saying to him. As...

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...Descriptive Essay: Describe a Place During a Holiday Celebration Holiday celebrations are often a very fun and festive time in many cultures. One such holiday is the Christmas time of year. Many families have a fun day filled with love, gift sharing, eating, and fun times and laughs. In my family the entire family gathers at my grandparent’s home. Imagine several rooms filled with family of all age ranges. My grandfather is the eldest of 85 years old, and I have a second cousin who is only 3 months old. Not only are the human family members present, everyone brings along their fury friends who are an extension of family. Upon arriving at my grandparent’s home I am amazed at the time they have spent ensuring the décor is spectacular. On Christmas day they keep the decorative lights on all day, so when we drive up to the house all we see is pretty, bright Christmas lights in the windows and the bushes in front of the house. Beaming through the front bay window we are able to see the tall, beautifully snow-flocked Christmas tree. There are also lit up Christmas figurines that line the horse-shoe driveway. This past year my grandparents added a twist to the décor by having a door wreath that was lit up and playing Christmas music and fake snowflakes on the front lawn. They wanted to ensure we got a wintery holiday experience, and they accomplished just that with ease. Once we get past the outside décor and make our way inside, the beautiful decorations do not stop...

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...Yakira Spurlock February 12, 2015 Freshmen Composition Descriptive Essay There has never been a place that I have been that makes me feel as loved as I do when I’m home. Childhood memories always play in my head whenever I’m at home. Growing up as child in my home with my lovely mother and sisters also play a big role on what homes really means to me. My house is a place that holds rich significance to me. Living in Donaldsonville La, was not always the safest area to live in. I can remember being 5yrs old and my mother would make me and my sisters play inside because of violence in my city. We would run around my house playing hide and go seek as if there were many places to hide. We would hide underneath our beds, inside our closets, and in our storage room. Running around the house also caused me to have some accidents. Some of my deepest scars come from playing games with my sisters around the house. Even the scars I had were special because I knew that I was at home and I would be alright. The moments we shared as sisters in the house were special because it created this bond between the three of us that we still share today. My great Grandmother came to live with us when I turned 12 so we can take good care of her. She had her very own room and my sisters and I would always go in there so she can tell us stories about her childhood. Unfortunately, not all times I had in my house were so great. When I was about 14 granny started to get sick and she eventually...

Holidays are usually a rich source of personal memories. Marie's piece is a nostalgic tribute to the simple Christmases of her childhood.

A close reading of Marie's piece shows some of the strategies she used. For example, she included her very first Christmas memory. Later in the essay, she described a particular Christmas when her father was sick and the family received help from the community. Aside from these two specific Christmases, the remaining description consists of a composite, or medley, of memories from Christmases over the years.

Marie was clearly very attuned to the contributions her mother made to holiday traditions as well as to the family throughout the year. She goes into detail about the sewing box, the handmade doll clothes, and the wonderful cooking of ham and chicken dinners and divinity candy. And, Marie includes the way her "Mama" insisted that they write thank you notes.

The effort made by the family to obtain a Christmas tree, even in the tough years, shows how important this holiday was to them. The description of the "bald" ornaments being carefully unpacked brings the reader right into the living room with this family.

Such details as the peanuts mailed to them from relatives in Arkansas and the dog, Skipper, eating the popcorn off the low-hanging chains provide sensory details and humor.

Finally, Marie closes this walk down memory lane by returning to the present and what Christmas means to her today.

In summary, this is a well-crafted memoir essay. In revisiting your own holiday memories, you might want to use some of the same strategies that Marie used in her beautiful essay.

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