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CEWC continues to be part of a national effort to raise financial literacy awareness and the importance of proper credit education. CEWC proudly supports the initiatives of Financial Literacy Month through several events across the country.

Despite recent advances in important aspects of the lives of girls and women, pervasive challenges remain, frequently as a result of widespread deprivations and constraints. These often violate women’s most basic rights and are magnified and multiplied by poverty and lack of education.

Credit Education Week Canada (CEWC) is an integral part of Financial Literacy Month, raising awareness surrounding financial literacy and the importance of proper credit education. Practical Money Skills sponsored CEWC and presented an award to a grade 12 essay contest winner who answered the question "What was the dumbest thing you ever did with your money." We're proud to announce Laura C. Blachier as our student winner.

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[6] For a good overview of the field at that important time, see Marvin Lazerson, “Revisionism and American Educational History,” Harvard Educational Review 43, no. 2 (1973): 269-283.

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On the social front, the McDonalidization of society that had started decades back in Urban society, is now making way to rural societies as well.
The easy access of multiple brands of good and their competetive pricing have enabled villagers to improve their standard of living. Goods that were earlier considered as luxury can now be seen in most households.
Globalization has also impacted the value system of the society. The breakneck speed with which the liberal ideas have washed the rural society is unprecedented and it has led to emergence of poly-normativism and a confused generation that is trapped between primordial and new values.
While some have been flexible and adopted these values, with a few modification of their own to suit the local needs, others have vehemently opposed it. The penetration of hollywood movies via interned and cd/ dvds in rural society is seen as corrupting the youth. A rise of cultural nationalism from a section of society can easily be observed in any rural society at present.
Globalization has also led to improvement of the women folks in their social standing. The liberal values have worked to erode some of the rigidness that the society had nurtured within it for years against women.
The migration of people to urban areas have also led to emergence of dis-jointed families, where a part of the household lives in city and other part in the village, with the city folks supplementing the income of the village family.
A positive effect of globalization has been the increased importance given to education in rural areas. People have realized that to catch the bus of globalization, they need to be rightly skilled and the age-old inhibition against education as being a wastage of time and resource is now being shed and it is being seen in the light of investment.
Politically, globalization has raised some uncomfortable questions. The most recent one being the FDI in multi-brand retail which has failed to acquire a political consensus. Some parties see it as improving the plight of farmers by reducing middlemen and improving technologies, whereas other feel that it would further aggravate the exploitation.
Time and again, globalization has thrown such challenging proposition and it is for the political class to deal with it in a matured fashion.

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For an effective democracy, it is important that all citizens are well informed, well educated and society is not fragmented. If society is divided into classes based on religion, language, caste, etc there is possibility that the richer and more affluent among a class gain position of power by enticing the poor and less informed section. Therefore People get transformed into VoteBank. Politics gets converted into class based politics and is driven by self interest. Therefore people remain divided and society is fragmented. Growth and development is slow in such environment.

Education can be seen as a means of empowering socially and economically deprived groups into communities seeking political reforms. Empowerment refers to increasing the spiritual ,political, social, educational, gender or economical strength of individuals. Bhimraj Ramji Ambedkar was one of the most important Dalit activist who believed that increasing educational access of Dalit’s would increase their empowerment. He thought that a higher level of education would cause the Dalit’s to realize their rights, to aspire to highest position and also consequently use political power and influence as a means to end their oppression. Many reasons are suggested why Dalit’s suffer from low rates of literacy but the most realistic one describes history and unequal access as the causes.

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An important example of the existence of
science and religion in Indian context is the vast number of schools, colleges
and hospitals that are being run by religious foundations in the country like
The Divine Life Society, The Dayanand Anglo-Vedic Institutions, Satya Sai Trust
to name a few. These organisations preach on the importance of the religious
texts and their interpretations and how it can be implemented in our day to day
life. They believe in an omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent God and yet they
have hospitals with well maintained operation theatres having latest surgical
instruments and fully equipped ambulances. They even provide free of cost
education in full furnished residential schools for orphans and poor students
to help them gain knowledge with the other privileged students. They also
conduct awareness camps, programmes to spread the ancient art and teachings of
Indian philosophy and culture to the youth.

Grade 12 Essay Contest Winner Laura C. Blachier: The Skin Issue Credit Education Week Canada (CEWC) is an integral part of Financial Literacy Month, …

The 12th Five Year Plan seeks to substantially enhance the allocations to the HES. The recently unveiled Science Technology and Innovation policy endeavours to increase the number of PhDs, quality journals, R&D investment from the private sector and patents. All of this would directly feed into the quality of the HES. Also, very importantly, the recently set up Yash Pal committee, on reforms in higher education, has suggested to do away with the excessive specialisation in the Indian universities. This, if implemented, would be a historic step as every stream would be taught in our U&C and specialized courses would be introduced only in the later years of the course. It has the potential to create not only more informed students while choosing their career, but also informed citizens of the nation who would be able to think from different angles about a problem, being a democratic asset.Regulation and supervision by UGC, MCI, AICTE etc. have been tightened to ensure quality education. A review of the Supreme Court judgement on NEET has also been suggested,as it is very important to maintain the quality of medical education to address health delivery issues in India. There are plans to restructure the curriculum of Delhi university, one of the biggest and most prestigious universities in India, to suit the present situation. The Nalanda University Bill seeks to establish a world class Nalanda university,at the seat of ancient learning, Nalanda, Bihar. Further, it is also being proposed to cut-short four year degree courses to three years. As the western four year models have proved very costly and unsuitable in the Indian context.