The 2017-2018 Common Application essay prompts are as follows:

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As you plan your paper, you’re definitely eager to consider the length requirement all the time. A great number of applicants try to do too much with their papers and it’s quite difficult for them to edit the papers down to 650 words. You need to understand that the very purpose of the personal statement is not to roll out your life story or to offer an detailed overview of all of your accomplishments. Just let your list of extracurricular activities, letters of recommendation, academic record, materials and supplemental essays show your actual range of accomplishments. Your personal statement shouldn’t be the place for catalogs of achievement or long lists.

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You’ll discover that some supplemental papers on the Common Application feature different guidelines, length as well as many colleges, which don't meet the Common Application length requirements. Regardless of the circumstances, ensure you keep to the guidelines. So, if an essay needs to be 400 words, avoid writing 410.

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is a particularly good approach to the Personal Statement (today it is impossible as the Common App limits Personal Statements to 650 words), but this essay provides the insight that no topic is cliche, and that sometimes decidedly taking risks can work in your favor as a writer.

Common App Word Limit. Tough to keep your essay short -- but it can be done. #college #essay #commonapp

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